We here at Prime Point is a team of professionals providing complete visa service assistance to companies and individuals.

Investor Visa:

Investor visa provides a residency to the investor or partner who has opened up a company in the UAE or purchased property. After issuance of the trade-license, the visa for the investor/partner has to be processed and we provide the step by step process to obtain the residency permits done.

Employment Visa:

Once your company is all setup its time to hire or recruit employees and our PRO team will assist you in the complete process from the application of quota till the visa is stamped in their passports.

Family Visa:

We can help you process your family visas if you’re a resident in UAE. All process from issuing the entry permit, emirates id till their residence permits.

Maid Visa:

Our Division of PRO’s specializes in the clearance of housemaids and domestic servant’s visas. There are nationality barriers and terms and conditions to be taken care of before the process of their visas.

Freelance Visa with a permit:

 Freelance visa is one where a person works for themselves, rather than for a company. To work as a freelancer in UAE you need a freelancer work permit.  While freelancers can employ themselves on a contract basis for companies and organizations, they are ultimately self-employed. However, it is important to distinguish between part-time work and freelancing. Freelancing is working for yourself, where you are essentially a company made up of one person, which is perfectly legal in the UAE as long as you are permitted to do so.